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4k video downloader User honest reviews | Is it safe & trustworthy & legal?

The main idea that crosses one's mind when viewing a video on YouTube is that if they can watch the video offline.


Well their being so many software that allows one to download YouTube videos and store them on their device, the one to highlight would be the 4k video downloader.

The main idea that comes with the 4k video downloader is that it is used to download YouTube videos of whatsoever quality. The good thing with it is that it can be found and work in many operating systems that are from the Ubuntu Linux, Windows and even macOS.

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Features in the 4k video downloader

Features in the 4k video downloader

Features in the 4k video downloader

The 4k video downloader contains features that make it a world renowned application. The features include:


With this application one is able to download YouTube videos, playlists and subtitles


This ideal application offers direct transfers to iTunes.


Soon as activating its smart mode on their settings, the videos are downloaded at a fast yet easy way.


One is able to download videos on the PC regardless of the PC they are using


A vast range of audio plus audio formats are offered on this application.


It comes with an auto download feature soon as you subscribe


 It also supports the in app proxy setup, with this the users are able to set up the proxy in order to download videos and with this the banned location will be given access


The application window is normally empty and soon as you start downloading, the page is filled up.

For a better understanding of the 4k video downloader, here are some of the options in it:


The paste link- with this you can paste the video links of the video you wish to download


Subscriptions- you can subscribe to the different channels in YouTube. 


Help- this option, will direct you to the website of the 4k video downloader and you can seek whatever help that you wish. Through the help option, one can even talk to customer care and see the different FAQS


Preferences- with this, one can be able to set and apply how the application is to behave

Benefits of 4k video Downloader

  • It allows one to download videos at a much faster speed than expected
  • It allows downloading more than one video at a time
  • It allows on to download videos in the formats that they wish to.
  • One is able to download videos from a variety of platforms that is from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other sites that may contain videos.
  •  One can subscribe to channels via the 4k video downloader platform
  •  It supports the idea of 3D videos as well as the 360 degree ones.


  • User friendly and easy to navigate through
  • Offers to download subtitles on different languages.
  • Offers a free version for the user to try our
  • The 4k video downloader allows comes the auto download feature for videos of one preference
  • The feature of the smart mode comes in handy
  • Downloads videos of very high quality l


  • Comes with a lot of advertisements on the free version




With the pricing well, it offers two types of licensing that go for the premium features.

The first licensing would be standalone which costs $15 and lasts a lifetime and you can use on a maximum of three computers.

The standalone license comes with no limitations and a free space to open up the features.

The other license would be the bundle on which costs 20 dollars. With this, one is able to unlock the additional features which are photos on Instagram and videos at the same time.


The 4k video downloader, well, can be founded and downloaded from its website. Regardless of the operating system, it works perfectly on the Computer.

This is the downloader to go for as it is affordable and it has so many features that a user can enjoy. Compatibility is another thing that you should look when getting a YouTube downloader and this works with almost all the PC thus convenient to use.

This version is what to go for you will be able to have a vast of entertainment and also get to watch your favorite videos in YouTube at an affordable price offline.