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The Best Online Ytmp3 converter review | Is ytmp3 trustworthy & illegal?

YtMP3 converter is a website that can be used to convert audio and video files to the highest available qualities free of charge.


If you have some songs or movies under 60 minutes, this can be a great way to convert those to your desired MP3 or MP4 formats.

Apart from conversion, the service also lets you download songs to your device or Dropbox if you don't have much storage space. 

The Best Online Ytmp3 converter review


  • Ytmp3 allows users to download songs from the Web to their hard drives or Dropbox with ease and speed. 
  • Ytmp3 enables users to quickly convert songs from their current file formats to MP3 or MP4 file formats.
  • Ytmp3 converts videos into the highest available MP3/MP4 format qualities.
  • Ytmp3 is a free audio or video files conversion service.
  • Ytmp3 works with all PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • There is no registration or special software required to use Ytmp3.


  • Users must have a valid URL to the video or audio content to be able to convert the content to the desired format, using Ytmp3.
  • The red and the green buttons that say "Play" and "Convert Now", respectively redirect to suspicious pages and websites full of malware.
  • Ytmp3 can only convert contents not longer than 1 hour.
  • Ytmp3 layout and user interface looks kind of boring and could use some decoration. Plus, these elements don't look so professional.
  • Ytmp3 isn't suitable for converting movie files. 

Ytmp3 Converter Suitability

While it can be used to convert songs and movies to MP3 and MP4, Ytmp3 Converter is a free service that is more ideal for converting songs to MP3 or MP4.

The reason why it isn't suitable for changing movies to MP3 or MP4 is that it works strictly for audio or visual contents shorter than 1 hour.Yet as you know, most movies are 90 minutes and above. 

What Are the Experts' View on the Ytmp3 Converter?

Bests7reviews ranks Ytmp3 Converter above more than ten or so other services that serve the same purpose. That can only demonstrate the caliber in which this service is placed by the experts.

Apart from that, it is also recognized as the best Youtube to MP3 or MP4 converter by a review site known as "Digital Trends". If that wasn't enough, Vlogtribe, another review site full of expert opinions, also ranks Ytmp3 converter atop twelve other alternative options.

These are sufficient proofs that Ytmp3 Converter is lauded and approved by many experts.

Having said that, you do not have to put up with those disappointing YouTube downloaders and MP3/MP4 converter services any longer.

To download your favorite song or movie that is shorter than 60 minutes, just go to the website and follow the simple onscreen instructions.To convert your audio files to MP4 files or video files to MP3 files, still, just go here and follow the simple instructions. 

Final Verdict

Ytmp3 Converter is an incredible service that helps users download YouTube video and audio contents on their devices or Dropbox, seamlessly.

Apart from that, it helps them convert contents from their original formats to MP3 or MP4 fast. The best part is that this service is absolutely free and there is no registration or special software required to use it. 


Is ytmp3 trustworthy?

In any case, you ought to be careful since specific instruments likely won't be ensured to change over YouTube to MP3.
If you save the YouTube video to your PC and open it in VLC, you can change over the sound part to MP3. No issue there, and I'm certain there are other, fundamentally less complex ways.

Could you be fined for converting a Youtube video to MP3?

Again it is lawful to download a changed over Youtube video to MP3, it is simply against their Terms of Service.

Nobody has yet been pursued somewhere around Youtube or any creation organization yet, however the progressing conversation of the music business and unlawful downloads implies that this discussion will probably before long reach a conclusion.

Is it legal to convert Youtube videos to MP3?

Youtube is one of the most famous sites on the planet - with over 300 hours of film transferred each and every moment.

A huge amount of recordings transferred to Youtube are music recordings, with numerous well known craftsmen utilizing the stage to advance their new music outside of administrations like Spotify and iTunes, the two of which expect you to pay to download music.

Youtube, be that as it may, is free and it gives you moment stream access to any video in its file, insofar as you don't download it.