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9 Best Sites to Download Subtitle for Movie and TV Shows For Free Quickly

Introducing 5 Best sites for movies and TV Shows that can download subtitles!


Introducing TOP 5 subtitle download Best sites!

Since the data you want may not be on one site, try accessing the sites introduced here together!



It offers subtitles in over 50 different languages and is one of the largest movie subtitle sites on the Internet with over 5.5 million subtitles, so you can find almost any subtitle you want.

Using the advanced search bar at the top, you can search by age, film year, rating, language, country, season and episode of the TV series, score, format, etc. to find subtitles uploaded by other users.

In each subtitle file, you can see the movie name, year, a one-minute preview, comments and ratings for the quality of the subtitles, and adding favorites.

You can ask questions and get tips to find good subtitles in the community forums.




One of the most popular subtitle download sites, you can find subtitles for many popular movies and TV shows in over 60 languages.

Since 2005, it has a vast collection of subtitles for movies, TV shows, and popular music videos around the world.

Subtitles are submitted and updated daily by users so they are always up to date and available in multiple languages.

By filtering the subtitles by up to 3 languages, you can quickly find the subtitles in the desired language (mid, middle, and yield).

If there is no subtitle, the community can request subtitles.




It has over 2 million subtitles in total, and has over 60,000 movies and over 7,000 TV series in about 100 languages.

We also have 100,000 tuned subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing (SDH) viewers.

When searching to find the subtitles you want, you can search more accurately by limiting to the selection of movies or TV series, year, episode, season, etc.

Podnapisi.Net Search movie subtitles by filters fps language contributer id download

After searching for the movie name, you can see FPS by subtitle, language, contributor ID, number of downloads, number of comments, score, upload date, translated language and country, etc. by subtitle by filtering.

On the first page, you can see the latest subtitles, the most popular subtitles from the last 30 days, the most downloaded subtitles, the most commented subtitles and more.

For each subtitle file, you can see the movie title, two-minute preview, download numbers, comments, and more.


TIFY Subtitles


You can easily search for the desired movie subtitle through the search box at the top.

On the first page, you can see a list of movies by category and language by genre, the latest movies, and a list of recently added movies.

For each subtitle, you can see the release year, subtitle for each language, movie length, genre, storyline, trailer video, and IMDB score.

When searching, you only need to know one word of the movie title, and the automatic search suggestion tool will find it for you.

YIFYsubtitles - Search Movie subtitle

For example, if you type 'Avengers', the 'Avengers Infinity War' subtitle is automatically searched and displayed, so you can find the subtitle you want without knowing all the words in the title.




This is a subtitle site where you can download both movies and TV shows.

The first page shows newly released movies, recently uploaded episodes, translated subtitles, recently uploaded movies, subtitles that have just started or are being translated, and most downloaded subtitles.

You can request missing subtitles on the community forums or watch tutorials to learn how to upload subtitles, edit subtitles, sync, and more.



downsub site

This is a site that allows you to extract subtitles from online videos.

You can download subtitles from sites such as Youtube, VIU, Viki, Hotstar, and Vlive.

You can download the subtitles in any format by copying the video's URL and pasting it to Downsub.com.

Supports all subtitle formats such as SRT, TXT, and VTT.


English Sutitles


You can get English subtitles for movies and TV shows around the world.

You can find English subtitles of classic movies from the 60s and 70s.

The first page shows the recently added subtitles.

This is an https site, which is relatively safer than an http site.




There are subtitles in about 15 languages, about 300,000 subtitles, more than 1800 TV show programs and more than 60,000 TV episodes.

You can watch TV programs of various genres from the past decades.

On the first page, you can see the latest subtitles, the most downloaded subtitles, and TOP TV programs.

=> go to TVSubtitles.net

How to quickly find the subtitles you want?

Have you entered all the sites introduced above?

If you still don't see the subtitles you're looking for, go to the community forums for each site and request a subtitle.

And since there are often sites with ads, it is recommended to turn on the ad blocker.

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9 Best Sites to Download Subtitle for Movie and TV Shows For Free Quickly

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