Clipgrab review 2020 – Is it safe to use ClipGrab?

Clipgrab review

Clipgrab review - Viewing of YouTube and other video sites brings about the idea of seeing the video offline.


To many ,the disadvantage of using these sites, is that they do not offer the idea of downloading their videos and that is when the Clipgrab software comes in.

Clipgrab is an application software, can be downloaded from its site, that offers free downloading of videos from YouTube, facebook and other video sites plus it also converts the videos to whatever format one wants.

This makes it fun and interesting as someone can download and watch the video at whichever time at their time of wish.

How it works

For  a further understanding of this software application, there is need to know how exactly it appears so that one is familiar with it.

Clipgrab download

Soon after downloading the software, one is supposed to install it ↓

Clipgrab windows install

The installation does not take much time and after installation you are free to launch it.

The interface in it is that it has three options on it, that is the  search, download and settings

The main thing for you to do is to copy the link of the video you wish to download, at times the application itself automatically grabs the link but sometimes you have to paste the link on the search bar ↓

After clipgrab has detected the video format, it will offer various video formats you can download of the video.

The video resolution is up to you to decide.

Soon as it starts downloading, it will ask you the place you would wish to save the video.

The application offers the idea of pausing or stopping the video as it is downloading, this is found by the option of the function to apply once you click in the video downloading.

Sometimes you may not have any need with the  video, so the Clipgrab offers a chance to download the audio file only.

This is favorable to all the users as they can enjoy the download in whichever format, they need it.

This also is an advantage to the user as audios can also be saved for future use just like the other video formats.

Features of clipgrab

Clipgrab supports formats that one can wish to download. They include MPEG4, MP3, OGG Vorbis and many more.

Clipgrab supports many formats

The good thing is that you can download the video in the original version from the site.

An original version guarantees the user the format and details are not tampered with in any way.

- Clipgrab also allows one to download videos from different yet many sites that is from YouTube to vimeo and even Daily motion

- The ideal question would be can it run in any operating system? The answer to it is that it supported by windows, Mac OS and linux

- Another feature is that, you may choose to insert ID3 using the metadata of the video.

- The search bar on the Clipgrab, allows one to search for videos from YouTube and allows pasting the link which will search for the precise video you wish for.

- With the idea of either copying and pasting the link or searching the video on clipgrab itself,creates the idea that can download from the same sites with different means

- Clipgrab sometimes may have an issue with the server you are using and may not run, so it offers a chance to customize the proxy settings.

This is by inputting the proxy server of your choice which the Clipgrab will work with.


- The Clipgrab is user friendly since it comes with an easy to navigate interface

-  One is able to download videos of high quality

- It allows one to download more than one video simultaneously

- The Clipgrab application offers the user to download the video in whatever quality they want

- With the link copied to the clipboard of the keyboard, clipgrab sometimes automatically detects it and hence no need to copy on the search bar yourself

- The search found on it is an in-built feature on the Clipgrab

- The good thing about it is that it supports many different websites


- With the installer, there is an issue that it bundles adware with it

- While searching it only provides 5 results which may not be satisfying to the user

clipgrab review - cons