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2 quick ways to download YouTube subtitles in TXT or SRT ( 2020 )

Introducing how to extract and download YouTube video audio subtitles.


Let's take a look at how to extract and download YouTube subtitles and extract sites, programs, and txt.

downsub subtitle extraction site & program

The first method is to access downsub.com and paste the YouTube video url to download.

Search downsub on Google and click the downsub.com url link address to access.

Downsub site Search and Click

With the DownSub site turned on, it runs YouTube videos.

Then copy the URL address of the YouTube video.

youtube url copy

Paste the URL of the copied YouTube video into the search box at https://downsub.com, and then click the [DOWNLOAD] green button on the right to extract the subtitle.

Paste YouTube video URL to Downsub.com

When the subtitle extraction is finished, you will see the downloadable subtitle format (SRT, TXT) at the bottom of the screen. Korean can be downloaded by clicking the Korean subtitle.

For reference, STR can be viewed in Gom Player, and txt can be viewed in Notepad.

download youtube subtitles by SRT, TXT format

If you download the extracted subtitle as txt, you can see it as below.

Completing YouTube video subtitle extraction and download as txt file

If you have followed up to this point, you have successfully extracted and downloaded YouTube video subtitles as txt files.

How to extract subtitles from YouTube itself

You can extract text subtitles from the YouTube video itself.

First, access the url of the YouTube video you want to extract.

Then click the ... mark just to the right of the'Save' button under the video, and click [Open Script].

Accessing the URL we want to extract from YouTube videos

Then, you can see the'Subtitle Script' by time zone in the lower right corner as shown in the screen below.

Youtube video subtitle script

Here, if you copy all the text in the script by dragging it with your mouse and paste it into another document file (Notepad, Word, Korean, etc.), subtitle extraction and download are finished.

Extract subtitles by dragging the text of the script with the mouse

In addition, you can connect to savesub.com and directly extract and download YouTube videos as srt files.

If you want to convert srt to smi, you can convert it at smisrt.com.

Do you want to watch the English and Korean subtitles of YouTube videos at the same time?

If so, go to the Chrome web store (chrome.google.com) and install'Language Learning with Youtube BETA' to watch YouTube videos while watching English and Korean subtitles at the same time.