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Are you passionate about matters of video production? Have you been seeking the necessary co-operant support and software to help you out? Do you have plans of elevating your expertise a notch or several notches higher?

Well, we are glad that you have come to the right place if your answers to these questions have been in the affirmative.Enter your text here...


We have prepped this review-cum buying guide to aid you in just that. In our discussions below, we shall look into the best video editing software as of now.

Then, we shall examine the factors to look into while seeking the right software for your use. Then, we shall round it up by a couple of frequently asked questions.

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    As of 2020, these are the best free video editing software:

    Lightworks Free  video editor

    Lightworks Free video editor

    This software has ‘Hollywood credentials’ in the sense that it has been extensively used by the Hollywood studios. What does this mean? You too are assured the selfsame benefits if you opt to place your bet on it.

    Some of the notable features of this software are the GPU-accelerated real-time effects, professional-level color correction, and video capture. They jointly confer excellent picture and video outcomes overall.

    HitFilm Express Free  video editor

    HitFilm Express Free video editor

    If you want some trendy approaches in your videos? Choose to work with HitFilm Express. It is a piece of software that works well on Windows and MacOS operating systems.

    This software is able to tackle both the 2D and the 3D projections at the same time.

    It comes about in some 180 pre-made visual effects that serve to cheapen your operations and simplify the editing process. Moreover, it also comprises some tutorials and training videos that guide you through the various crucial steps.

     Shotcut Free  video editor

    Shotcut Free video editor

    This top editing software is unique in the sense that it is usable across the three major operating systems i.e. the Linux, MacOS, and Windows, respectively.

    This piece of software is mainly useful for the at-home hobbyist due to its relative simplicity of use.

    At its core is a simple and high customizable interface. It is this that provides a channel via which you engage the various controls of the gadget overall. Being clearly legible, this channel expedites the use of the item altogether.

     Blender Free  video editor

    Blender Free video editor

    Blender is the software to go for if you are mostly engaged in matters of animation, 3D sculpting, and rendering. Moreover, it also serves as a benchmark for the new PC hardware. The software comprises a host of elegant features like the 3D animations.

    These blend well with the fancy transitions, speed controls, live preview, and audio mixing to generate pretty awesome pictorial outcomes.

    They also enhance the looks and the feels of your video contents considerably.

     iMovie Free  video editor

    iMovie Free video editor

    As its name implies, this software is exclusively for use across the Apple platforms. Thus, it is the one to rely on if yours is either an iOS or a MacOS operating system.

    Just as is the norm with many of Apple’s other products, this one too is consumer-oriented in the sense that it is structured for the do-it-yourselfer.

    This software lets you incorporate the audio, images, and videos into one project. As such, it is unlikely to cause you to shuttle from one piece of software to another one. That of course means some conveniences on your part.

    VSDC Video Free  video editor

    VSDC Video Free video editor

    The VSDC Video Editor is free software that enables multiple monitor support. It is hence useful for live coverage matters as it is able to blend many screens and picture inputs at the same time. To make use of it, you will employ the Windows Operating System.

    An anti-shake technology comes along this wonderful piece of software. As its name denotes, it prevents fidgeting and shaking from interfering with the quality of the picture output.

    Movie Maker Online Free  video editor

    Movie Maker Online Free video editor

    Wanting to make movies via the online platform? Choose this piece of software as it is the one that manages and facilitates the attainment of that end.

    Thanks to its ability to make movies via the online platform, the software also enables multiple usages.

    That means it makes it possible for many people to handle the task of making movies at the same time. Thus, it is good enough for those matters that demand some kind of collaboration among the various parties.


    Finding the most suitable free video editing software is a critical step to take. How else can you do a great editing job save for employing the right tool for it?

    To be able to do this job well, you have to know how to go about the matter. Our discussions here below endeavor to lay bare how to choose video-editing software based on your needs:

    Input Formats

    Different pieces of software accommodate and work alongside different file formats. It is important that you find that which blends well with your file format of choice.

    This is to minimize incompatibilities that are likely to arise when attempting to use and produce the necessary outcomes.

    Some of these pieces of software are compatible with a vast array of video formats. Make sure that you prioritize these over and above those that have somewhat diminished compatibilities.

    User Interface

    It is important that you pick and use that software that has a nice and highly interactive user interface. The kind of interface that you pick for the job has to be relevant to and compatible with the level of expertise you possess.

    To be able to find the most suitable pick for the job, match the interface with the precise task you have at hand. 

    Remember, the ideal interface has to be wide and comprehensive for maximum convenience. 


    Technology improves rapidly. It may not always be possible to find a gadget that endures the test of time. Thankfully, a number of these resources are able to accommodate upgrades in the form of software upgrades.

    Thus, your primary concern should be to lay your hands on that software that is upgradable or enjoys a robust backend customer support.

    That will save you from the need to spend too much of your money to stay current and abreast of the production techniques.

    Nature of the Desired End Result

    Video productions vary on scope and nature. These variations are in turn determined by the kinds of software that are used to make them up. 

    It is necessary hence to see to it that you match these two ends well.

    For that to happen, you have to ascertain your own expectations first and foremost. Go ahead thereafter to find the piece of software that is capable of meeting that specific need you have in mind.

    Audio Options

    No video production is complete without the infusion of some audio contents therein.

    It may be that that piece of software has excellent picture output but poorer sound outputs. To be on the safe side, you should match these two metrics properly.

    Consider the audio capabilities of the software concerned. While at it, figure out and factor the metrics of the audio output like the loudness, pitch, tone, and the equalizer, to name but a few!

    Skill Level

    Your skill level comes in handy as well. You want to choose a piece of software that is well within your level of expertise and past work experience. 

    If you are entirely new, choose that which is similarly simpler and easier to navigate.

    On the flip side, select the one that is designated for the experienced persons if you have used these pieces of software beforehand. You will no doubt have to assess your own capabilities first and foremost.

    Operating Systems

    The manufacturers of this editing software have different operating systems in mind.

    In your search for the right software, figure out the operating system you intend to use for the job. Then, go ahead and look for that resource that is able to function well on that platform. 

    Some of these pieces of software are used across several platforms. It is in your best interest to find that which is versatile enough for expedited applications.


    Having examined the factors to consider when choosing the best free video editing software 2020, we now want to ask and answer some of the frequently asked questions that surround the topic. This, we believe will give you a more balanced approach towards this subject matter.

    What is the best free video editing software?

    A. Overall, Lightworks is the best free video editing software today. It is highly versatile and accommodates many cadres of users, ranging from starters to the intermediates through to the professional users. Thus it is a one-stop-shop solution for your video editing needs.

    What is the best free video editing software available for beginners?

    A. iMovie it is! It is built by Apple Incorporated and is intended primarily for the users of the iOS and the Mac OS machines, respectively. By virtue of being easier to download, this software is also a breeze to use and is unlikely to inconvenience the users.

    What is the best FREE video editing software for Windows?

    A. Blender, it is! As its name implies, it has the ability to blend well with many other co-operant tools-of-trade to allow for a one-stop-shop approach to the task of editing videos. Simply put: It incorporates all the benefits of the other pieces of software combined.

    What is the best free video editing software with unlimited use?

    A. HitFilm Express is the one! This piece of software is good enough for all cadres of users. These are the starters, intermediates, and the advanced. 

    Then again, it is able to perform numerous tasks related to the matters of editing videos. All these make it capable of yielding unlimited use. 

    What is the best free video editing software that has no watermark?

    A. OpenShot. It is free and open-source software that is compatible with the three major operating systems. This video editor has an easy to use a simpler interface that redistributes and modifies the use. 

    It offers support to the audio formats and many video applications.

    What is the best free video editing software for commercial use?

    A. InVideo. If you are thinking of going commercial, set your eyes on the InVideo as it is the one that is designed and intended for commercial applications. 

    Thanks to its free nature, your use of it is likely to drive down the costs of operations and up the profit levels. 

    What is the best free video editing software for Mac?

    A. The Apple iMovie is no doubt the best free video editing software for Mac. Moreover, it comes installed in the newer Mac OS X and hence demands that you pay no money to acquire it separately.

    What is the best free video editing software for Windows that will let you edit 1080p videos?

    A. Lightworks still carries the day with this parameter. It is structured to allow you to edit the 1080p videos with absolute ease. 

    This is due to its possession of all the traits and tools that such an undertaking ordinarily requires to be able to function seamlessly.

    What are the best free video editors for Chromebook?

    A. Magisto. If your gadget is the Chromebook, the Magisto is the editing software to look up to. 

    It undertakes the role of editing the videos without necessarily taking too long or demanding excessively deeper input from you.

    Best Free Video Editing Software for twitch clips

    A. Twitch clips are generally full of fun. If you want to fill your clips and productions with much fun, you have the FilmoraGo editing software to look up to.

    It also streams and archives the video contents as well. Thanks to its multitasking capabilities, it cuts down your hassles.

    What is the best free video editing software to add captions?

    A. Looking to add some captions to your videos? The Pinnacle Studio could be the piece of software you have been looking for all along.

    It enables users to add captions on movies just as they would using the Windows Movie Maker. Nonetheless, it may require some added skills from you later.

    What are the best free video editing applications for Android without a watermark?

    A. Google Photos! If you are searching for a good free video editing applications for Android without watermark, the Google Photos is the one to set your eyes on.

    It comes also as a built-in package and is hence quite convenient to come by.

    Is there any free video editing software for Chrome OS?

    A. The WeVideo is undoubtedly the best free video editor for Chromebook.

    This editor contains a vast library of transitions, sound effects, and an assortment of video effects. What’s more? These are all free to make use of!


    There you have them! We have done the much we can to explain to you the best free video editing software 2020.

    In your search for the most appropriate one, we urge you to prioritize one from the list above. All of them comprise the latest features that are likely to do you some good.