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Genyoutube review : Is safe or a scam?


Genyoutube looks safe.

Of course, I'm not entirely sure, but it's been hard to find anyone who has ever had a virus while using genyoutube.

People who have used many other youtube to mp3 converters are said to have a virus.

And it's so easy and simple to use.

Just copy and paste the URL address of the YouTube video to convert it to Mp3.

You can convert Youtube videos to MP4 as well as M4A or audio files.

=> Go to Official Website (


  1. It offers a platform to decide which resolution type you want from it (mp4, 3gp or 3D)
  2. The website is known to have a certificate from SSL
  3. The resemblance of genyoutube to youtube itself is remarkable and hence easily navigable


  1. When downloading mp3 files, it is slow in some cases
  2. The owner of the site is not known hence questions may arise on the website.
  3. Endless popups keep appearing on one’s screen when they are not even needed.

this article will tell you whether genyoutube is good or bad about download music and video.

And wait!

If you read
best youtube to mp3 converter, you can find good converters like genyoutube!

Watching YouTube videos all day on internet is what keeps most of the population "busy".

From watching races to football, music videos and even documentaries makes people want to watch the videos offline and have them in their phones.

This is where Genyoutube comes in.

Genyoutube is a site, oftenly known as "YouTube downloader”, where you can download and keep the youtube videos and watch them offline.

It is mainly used in android devices.

Genyoutube helps one to download the video in either mp3 or mp4 file.

This site has existed for around five years.

Its best world audience have been statistical found to be from India.

While using the Genyoutube, there are many options to select from that is auto queues, next stream and even resume focus

Features of genyoutube

Genyoutube features

- Genyoutube allows one to download whatsoever video they may choose.

Literally any type of video from YouTube

- It allows a person to preview the video before downloading it, if it is the intended video.

This is mainly by playing the video

- Genyoutube search area allows you to insert either the link of the video or the name of the video

- Its best features are that when you download, you may choose the type of resolution you want

Whether it’s in mp4, 3gp or 3D.

- Genyoutube allows one to import subscriptions.

- The site also allows one to have multiple download to their device.

- Genyoutube most reliable feature when downloading is superfast

- It comes with popup actions for the adverts.

It allows for volume control gesture and gives control to the user.

How it appears

Genyoutube - How it appears

The Genyoutube site that is the homepage has the following visible:

- What is trending

- The music feature

- The different categories

- Recent

- Search bar

- Subscriptions of all the subscribed channels

How it works

In order to understand what it is there is need to understand how it works.

Here are the steps followed when downloading from genyoutube site:

1. First off, acquire the link of the youtube video you want to download

2. Open the site, and paste the link on the search taskbar and click on Go

Genyoutube - Search and Click

3. A preview of the video that you wish to download will appear for you to confirm

4. The site will provide download links and alternate links, with different resolution, for you to choose what is best

genyoutube - Download links

5. You will be able to choose the filename and video quality of the video.

6. After downloading, the videos can be founded at the download section

There is also another way in which you can append Gen on URLs. Here are the steps:

1. Open your YouTube application or site

2. Locate the desired video that you wish to download

3. With the link of the video already in the search box, add the word gen after “” and press enter

4. This will automatically lead you to the Genyoutube page

5. With that select the format you wish to download your video in.

The feature of genyoutube is also found in web browsers as an extension. Here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Launch your browser

2. Add an add-on like greasemonkey or tampermonkey depending on the web browser you are using

3. Once the add on had been installed, add genyoutube widget to the extension

4. Confirm this and enjoy using the Genyoutube to download videos.

Another way people use the Genyoutube is by using the actual application. The basic steps are by:

- Downloading the application on the browser• Installing the application• Opening the app and enjoying what it has to offer.

The bottom line

Genyoutube experiments done from android 4.0 all the way to the current android version, has been found to be an excellent yet outstanding feature.

Its reliability and yet constant features draws the publics eyes.

The most amazing thing about it is that, it does not bring with nasty ads or popups.

Its simplicity and fast way of downloading comes in handy all the times.

and If you are looking for a decent converter or downloader besides genyoutube, read the best youtube to mp3 converter article!

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