Python 3 Installation & Set up Guide – Easy Python

Installing Python is the first step to becoming a programmer.


Among the various installation methods, I will install python in a way that is good for beginners to encounter.

1) Access the official Python homepage (

파이썬 공식 홈페이지 접속

2) Hover the mouse on the'Downloads' menu and click the'Python 3.8.5' button to download

2단계 - python 다운받기

3) Execute the python-3.8.5.exe file.

4) Check'install launcher for all users', check'Add Python 3.8 to PATH' and click'Install Now' to proceed.

4단계 - Add Python 3.8 to PATH 체크

5) When the installation is complete and the message'Setup was successful' is displayed, click [close] to finish.

파이썬(python) 설치 완료

Up to this point, the Python installation has been completed successfully. The next step is to master the basic features of Python.