7 Best Online Music Streaming Services 2020 – Top Free & Cheapest

When relaxing at home, Music can generate a friendly environment of relaxation, especially during this epidemic season of Coronavirus.


There is nothing cheap as well as exciting, like streaming Music. In the case of Spotify and Pandora, it is free, and it outdoes any given format that is physical, especially when you consider the convenience and easiness.

You must note that vinyl is responsible for providing resurgence amid audiophiles.

But when it comes in terms of sound quality. Consider that streaming comes loaded with a lot in the store to deliver. Most people prefer subscription services over a CD since the voice it generates is indistinguishable or even much advanced.

Therefore, if you are using a lot of money on music streaming, make sure that you are settling on the best that provides you with the best services ever.

However, there is a similarity between a variety of streaming services of Music. This is with the current releases of album hitting almost at the same duration. However, there is a significant variation between usability cutinization and price plans between Music streaming services.

What is the best music streaming services you can find in the market?

Well, this article will take you through some of the best music streaming services available in the market that can meet your demands as well as needs much efficiently and effectively, leaving you very satisfied.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This music streaming service is among the top giants in the industry. However, it is kinder of an alternative scrappy to market leader, which is likely to get accessed by smart TVs and smartphones Android.

Note that it has a rudimentary quality; the catalog of Music tends to be undeniably comprehensive. Moreover, the app lets you integrate Google music of your own choice and purchases with your plan of streaming, under a library music tab.

  • It is an excellent service
  • Completely integrated with several android platforms
  • It delivers a remarkable performance
  • It does not have maximum-res audio.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music has developed and emerged to be one of the popular and best music streaming services.

Furthermore, it delivers wealth options at a discount and several features for students and families.

It also comes with a curated; numerous are hand-crafted by tastemakers and musicians. However, it lacks the strength of option sharing transmitted into Spotify.

  • It has the potential to enable you to choose your song by voice.
  • This music streaming service contains Apple Homepod Siri on its iOS machine.
  • It has a combination of algorithms and music human experts to enable you to locate your favorite Music you would love to listen to online.
  • It can sum up your entire iTunes Library with several music playlists that you do not own, resulting in what you can listen to on the platform.
  • It does not function with old iPods.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music

This is one of the best, accessible and popular ways to get your favorite music fix. Moreover, it delivers a decent quality of 320KBPS, but it has a vast library of beyond 40 million songs.

You can comfortably play this on any given device you have at home or wherever you are. Therefore, all appreciation goes to Android and iOS apps as well as support in several Smart TVs; AV kit Spotify connect courtesy and connected speakers.

This music streaming service is popular due to its new music algorithms discovery, which assembles excellent weekly playlists matching the taste of your Music.

Therefore, the more times you are likely to listen, the more your playlists will evolve. This is enough reason for you to select Spotify as the best music streaming service.

If your limit is approximately $ 10 per month, you should worry less because Spotify offers you the most complete and comprehensive experience you have never come across; additionally, it guarantees you a 50% discount for students. On the other hand, if you have left little to spend, it has a free tier to generate a minimal quality supported stream through adverts.

  • It comes with a free tier.
  • This product has an intuitive interface.
  • It comes loaded with discovery exhaustive features.

  • It does not guarantee you the best streaming sound quality.

Qobuz Music

Qobuz Music

The Qobuz appropriately delivers to its subscriber's maximum quality streams. Note that the Lossy MP3 has won the boot due to a monthly streaming subscription hi-res plan through using moniker premier studio.

Thus, the streaming of the entire album is either through hi-res or CD-quality lossless.

In case you love the idea of possessing music files, then Qobuz will also guarantee you a maximum-end sublime addition plan, which gives you a discount on downloads of hi-res to maintain.

  • It has an excellent value
  • This product has a fantastic maximum download plan Res Audio
  • It has an outstanding maximum Res Audio

  • It does not come with 3D options of audio.

Tidal Music

Tidal Music

This is a music streaming service with premium quality. Furthermore, it comes with some quality options, but only if you can afford to pay the top tier that comes with it, such as CD24-bit/96KHz and MQA Tidal Masters encoded.

However, with Jay-Z helm, you will probably wonder if there is sufficient rock to roll with perfectly well.

It is advantageous because of its 60 million track; thus, your pit mosh will never be empty. How often you use Tidal determines how much you will get used to its quality of audio.

It looks like a costly option, even though it currently grants you a free trial of 30 days. If you need to save more cash, opt for a basic stream of 320kbps, which is in coordination with Google Music, Spotify, among much more music streaming services.

  • It is above curation as well as average search.
  • This music streaming service has perfect audio quality.

  • It is costly.

Amazon Music HD

Amazon Music HD

It is the streamer that is new on the block, and it has the potential to offer you a more maximum streaming quality option compared to any other given service.

Moreover, it has streaming platform media called FireTV that is complete with scrolling lyrics and album art. This product is much affordable since it comes with an HD tier umbrella for the entire advanced sonic treats.

Therefor e, if you are worried about finding the best music streaming service, worry less and opt for Amazon Music HD.

  • It is worth the value.
  • It has the most comprehensive sound selection of quality formats.

  • It is a terrible interface.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

This music streaming service is Google play music successor. Note that if you sign up the YouTube ad-free, you will likely get YouTube Music for free.

Moreover, YouTube music is an impressive service; on the other hand, Google has completely retained the music locker predecessor's system. YouTube Music enables you to upload tracks that are new to the online locker music.

Additionally, it delivers an interface that is cleaner compared to Google play music; it does not come with a playlist; instead, it has a radio station that is well-curated.

This feature makes it outstanding among the entire Music streaming services.

  • It has beyond 40 million tracks.
  • The monthly subscription of YouTube Music offers streaming that is commercial-free on YouTube music as well as YouTube.
  • It has the potential to retain the music locker system of Google Play Music.

  • Google play music's existence can confuse you.

How to choose the best music streaming service based on Your Needs

Before you go ahead to select the best music streaming services, there are several factors you should put into consideration. These factors will enable you to settle on the best of the best that will leave you satisfied. These factors include:

Consider your device

The best music streaming services can work appropriately on mobile and desktop.

However, some have a design that enables them to work on other machines, such as Apple Watch syncs directly with Homepod and Apple Music; at the same time, you can voice manage it using Siri.

If you do not prefer Siri, you can use Amazon Prime Music, which is usually on the Echo devices and can be combined perfectly with YouTube Premium or Alexa. This is ultimately Google sphere integration.

If you have purchased a voice assistant, a home device that is smart or speakers, you can select a music streaming service that can easily integrate with whatever you already have at home.

Evaluation of your preference for listening

This is the primary factor in selecting Music streaming services. Therefore, if you are a choosy streamer, you would consider your DJ.

On the other hand, you can come up with several custom playlists if you have an ultimate build iTunes for at least the previous ten years; you are likely to opt for Apple music.

Some listeners prefer Spotify due to its radio stations and the countless ready-made playlists. If your love audiophiles in combination with a discerning ear, Tidal is appropriate for you, and for those of you who love music videos on YouTube is perfect for you.


It is also a significant factor when you want to purchase Music streaming services. However, sometimes you might be lucky to buy on a discount if you only know where to make your purchase.

Note that Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music offer students a discount, especially for their plans, which are premium. Thus, ensure that your plan meets your budget.

Music sharing

There is no right place of sharing your Music like on the Music streaming services. Moreover, you can also see what your friends are probably listening too and post your original content.

The best music streaming service for sharing your Music is Spotify, which guarantees you a collaborative playlist as well as a friend feed for music discovery through some other users.

YouTube and Apple music also enables members to generate substantial files to explore your friends' playlist easily. You can also examine what artists listen to most of the time.


From the above review, you are now well familiarized with the best music streaming services in the market.

Therefore, it calls on you to select the best of them all that can meet your demands perfectly well. I hope this article will benefit you cheers in your search for the best music streaming service in 2020.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best Music streaming service in 2020, and why?

Spotify is the pioneer in the space music-streaming, and it stands out as the best in the market.

This is because it offers you several music services discovery that is curated, such as Discover Weekly Playlist, as it continuously implements new ones like stations.

Furthermore, it enables you to send albums or tracks and have playlist collaboration with your friends, or look at what your friends on Facebook are probably finding interesting. It is also a user-friendly app.

How to find new Music to listen to in 2020?

You can find new Music to listen by choosing the best music streaming services that will meet your demands and needs effectively.

There are several in the market, such as Spotify, Google play music, and Amazon music HD, among many more. Therefore, you should select the best that can easily find your new Music.

How to Distribute Music Online in 2020 to Spotify iTunes YouTube?

It is difficult to upload your Music on streaming services and stores and commence earning capital from your music creation.

However, you can easily follow the below steps to distribute your Music online. These are:

Ensure that you upload your Music on Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify iTunes YouTube.

Tunecore will then send your upload to the entire stores of your own choice as well as music streaming service worldwide.

When you get streamed on Spotify iTunes YouTube, you get some earnings; your payment is dropped directly to the TuneCore account.


How to Make Money from Your Music in 2020?

There are several ways you can make money from your Music, such as finding the best music streaming services in the industry.

However, the pays usually seem to be smaller; it is an ideal income generator. Additionally, it is not only perfect for making money but also for music discovery.

What are some of the pros and cons of online music streaming services?


  • It enables you to access the entire artist's discography.
  • Music streaming services have quality albums, approximately 320 kbps MP4/ MP3, or even equivalent sounding so marvelous.
  • Instant viewing
  • It has numerous options for streaming.
  • You do not need memory space.


  • It requires a stable internet connection.
  • You can only achieve it online

How big is the Music streaming industry?

The streaming industry is bigger than you have ever imagined. According to the statistics of the year-end RIAA report, streaming services revenue developed by 20% in 2019 to roughly $8.8 billion.

This generally is responsible for the entire recorded 79.9% music revenue. So, the music streaming industry is more prominent enough.