WPX Hosting Review : Honest Review & Fast & Best (2020)

Let’s see what kind of WPX hosting company is good for and what are their disadvantages.

Through various factors such as speed, support support, ease of use, backups and malware scans, let’s see what WPX hosting company is doing better and worse than other hosting companies!

Ultimately, let’s see who can use WPX hosting company.

Which WordPress hosting company is WPX hosting?

WPX hosting company

WPXhosting is a hosting for those who spend a little more money and want to focus entirely on the operation of the site without having to worry about hosting.

Even if it’s a bit difficult to use, if you want to get started a lot cheaper, Bluehost is okay.

While the downside is cheap, those who are new to WordPress can be overwhelmed.

It’s no problem if you get used to it later, but it can take quite a while to get used to it at first.

Of course, you can learn everything. In reality, while learning about hosting, you neglect to operate the most important WordPress site itself.

The portion of marketing activities to attract visitors is reduced.

So, if you want to avoid this in advance, it’s okay to purchase WPX hosting. Instead, the cost can be a bit burdensome.

WPX hosting cost

WPXhosting isn’t cheap, as I mentioned briefly earlier. It can be seen as almost the only downside.

Check out the price list below.

Monthly price comparison by WPXhosting planYearly price comparison by WPXhosting plan

The cheapest plan is $24.99/mo. This is a price that can be a bit burdensome for those who are starting out.

So, the practical way to solve this part is to find a free hosting from another company, test this feature, test it, and then choose WPX hosting if you feel confident.

We will continue to explain why it is better to operate with WPX hosting immediately below. Don’t miss out on reading until the end!

What you get from WPX hosting

Benefits of wpx hosting

WPX hosting has a number of advantages, but among them, the biggest gains are two.

It’s an easy-to-use difficulty level with immediate support support.

If you enter the homepage and click the live chat to ask a question, you can get an answer in 10 seconds.

And it’s very easy to use.

Those who have given up trying to use Bluehost Hosting will find it easy to use thanks to the intuitive menus and buttons on the WPX hosting homepage.

In addition, there are more than 5 advantages and 2 disadvantages of WPX hosting companies, so if you read them carefully, you will be able to judge if it can really help me!

Fast support from 24/7 experts!

wpx hosting really fast 24_7 expert support support

When you access the WPXhosting homepage, you will always see live chat in the lower right corner.

Click to ask questions and they’ll almost always respond in 10 seconds.

And it instantly solves almost any problem you may encounter with your WordPress site and hosting.

Other hosting companies often require multiple clicks to enter the admin screen to get support.

And in some cases, you may have to wait a little longer to receive support.

But WPXhosting literally responds in 10 seconds with live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including weekends).

In fact, I tested it in the early morning of the weekend, and even in the early morning of the weekday, I always responded in 10 seconds through live chat.

It’s literally really 24/7 support support.

In fact, other services and sites are said to support 24/7 support, but in most cases they do not support support at dawn, or they only respond 24/7 and the solution is handed over to another team.

However, in WPX hosting, the person who answers through live chat directly responds and solves problems. Only when there are some really really difficult problems, I contact the development team separately. But this is rarely the case.

easy to use!

Too easy to use!!

Below is the admin screen of WPX hosting.

wpx hosting 관리자 화면

Typical menus are as follows.

  • Website/SSL: This is where you can add https:// to your site.
  • Databses: You probably won’t come into here normally.
  • E-mail Boxes: You can create an email address with your site address.
  • FTP Users: You can create an account that can access FTP. If you run into any issues with your site, just create an account here and let the developer know.
  • Edit DNS: You will rarely use it here either. If you have anything to use here, you can leave it to a WPX hosting company later.
  • File Manager: This is a place where you can view and edit files and folders inside my site.
  • Backups: Backup for up to 30 days.
  • WPX Cloud: CDN (contents delivery network) operated by WPX hosting company. If you ask the WPX hosting company to install this part through live chat, you can also ask.

If you are new to WordPress, you will rarely have to use any of the above features directly.

Initially, you just have to ask the WPX hosting company to install only WPX Cloud and SSL via live chat.

And the rest of the File Manager, DNS, FTP Users, and Databases menus can only be accessed occasionally when a specific problem or issue occurs.

E-mail Boxes allows you to create emails to the site address (ex. [email protected]) and check emails sent and received.

Initially, once SSL and WPX Cloud are installed, there are no prerequisites to operate the site.

Of course, there are many other features in WPXhosting, so I’ll explain each feature through a separate tutorial.

Is the speed really fast?

The speed comparison test showed that WPX hosting wasn’t the fastest.

wpx hosting speed

Still, when I removed AdSense or other external scripts from my site, the loading speed remained stable within 1 second.

For a more objective speed measurement, bitcatcha.com measured speed by hosting company. The result was as follows.

As you can see, WPXhosting was not fast.

First of all, there will be many people running WordPress in Korea, so I compared the speeds in the nearest Singapore and Japan regions by hosting company.

For your reference, Google recommends that you choose a hosting company with a server speed of 200ms or less for a stable site.





Inmotion Hosting122178
A2 Hosting816
Royal Clouds1417

Please refer to the above test results only. Obviously there are limitations.

Because of the above hosting companies, I have heard that the speed of the WordPress site when it is simpler and when the actual visitor flows is different for each hosting company.

And there is no guarantee that the results of the above tests will be the same as what is now.

그래서 bitcatcha.com에 가셔서 직접 테스트해보는게 ‘지금 당장의 속도’를 가장 정확하게 측정할수 있는 방법입니다.

So, going to bitcatcha.com and testing it yourself is the most accurate way to measure your speed right now.

So please be for reference only.

If I get a chance later, I’ll do more tests with the live site.

Speed comparison test update contents ↓

WPX hosting : 141ms => 128ms(japan) / 198 => 2ms(Singapore)

Bluehost : 249ms => 158ms(japan) / 180ms => 223ms(Singapore)

Siteground : 138ms => 172ms(japan) / 193 => 3(Singapore)

28-day backup!

Automatic backup for up to 28 days, backup available now, can be restored at any time

wpxhosting backup

Create New Personal Backup: You can manually backup right now.

Manage Personal Backup: You can restore the backup manually.

Download Personal Backup: You can download the backup manually.

You can select a date and restore to that date’s backup.

In short, automatic backup for 28 days, manual backup is possible right now, and can be restored at any time.

Staging Site

wpx hosting 스테이징(staging) 사이트

Staging Site is a feature that makes a clone site that is exactly the same as my real site, and into a different domain where no one knows.

This domain is a randomly created domain address that is not exposed to Google search engines and is unknown to visitors.

The reason I create a staging site is that I can test it without affecting my site.

And when the test is over, you can move the contents of the Staging Site to the site you are running.

One regret is that it takes 10 minutes to 30 minutes for the staging site to be created.

And the second thing I regret is that while creating a staging site, the speed of the actual site I’m running may slow down for a while.

If you want to overcome this with a little bit, you can create a staging site on an external server instead of creating a staging site within WPX hosting’s own server.

In fact, the reason why the speed difference occurs is not yet well understood in principle. We are just aware that this is happening.

And, representatively, Blogvault provides such a service.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m not creating a Stating Site on my server, but because Blogvault‘s own server creates a Staging Site, the slowdown is a little less while the Staging site is being created.

However, it has little impact on the number of visitors or when starting a WordPress site for the first time, so you can just use WPX hosting.

If the number of visitors is high or you need to make frequent edits within your WordPress site, you may want to consider using a service that creates a staging site on an external server such as Blogvault.

However, there is no exact test result of how much the speed can be improved, but in the sense that creating a staging site with Blogvault was faster than creating a staging site with WPX hosting.

If you have the exact contents, principles, or experience on this part, please leave a comment below, thank you very much.

So, my site is also making a Staging Site through Blogvault.(For testing, another site is currently using Blogvault.)

Of course, this can also be a burden for those who are starting out, so the Staging Site function of WPX hosting is sufficient at first.

It is easy to create a staging site at a WPX hosting company, but you can leave it to the staff more securely.

Just ask to create a Staging Site for any site through live chat and it will be created immediately.

It’s easy to know this, but at first I was afraid that I would touch it a little bit wrong.

Just feel free to ask the staff. Of course, they do it all for free.

Free malware scanning

wpx hosting free malware scanning

Malware scanning is a feature that finds out if a program has been added that could hack your site or cause problems.

The WPX hosting company offers free malware scanning every day.

This feature is also built into security plug-ins such as Sucuri and Wordfence.

Sucuri, Wordfence, and WPXhosting all have their pros and cons.

In particular, Wordfence plug-in has the advantage of being able to scan thoroughly and delete it immediately after scanning is finished. The downside is that it slows down every time you scan.

Then, wouldn’t it be possible to scan in the morning I thought about it and did a scan at dawn.

However, it usually took 4 to 5 hours to complete the scan.

In other words, starting at 2 am, it ended at 7:00, and starting at 3 am ended at 8:00.

So, when people who wake up early access the site, the speed slowed down, and on Fridays and Saturdays, more people accessing the site until late in the morning.

So I am not using the Wordfence plugin.

And if you want to use the Wordfence plugin, we don’t recommend using the Thrive Architect plugin.

Often times, the Thrive Architect plugin does not work because of conflicting cases.

And WPX hosting companies say they have the exact same security system as Sucuri.

It doesn’t seem to be exactly the same. Because Sucuri detected malware faster.

In fact, when I used Sucuri‘s Basic plan, the scan cycle was every 12 hours. Sucuri detected malware and even deleted it right away, and WPX hosting company didn’t detect it.

So, I was curious about how many hours the malware scan of the WPX hosting company works, and when I asked, I got the answer below.

wpxhosting malware scan cycle

To summarize the answer, it is said that the scan works automatically within 24 hours.

Since Sucuri‘s scan cycle was 12 hours, it seems that the scan cycle of WPX hosting company is about 12 to 24 hours.

So, in summary, if you want to scan malware every 12 to 24 hours, you only need to use WPX hosting company’s hosting.

It doesn’t seem like you need to buy and use Sucuri.

And if you want to scan malware every 12 hours or less, you can use Sucuri‘s security service.

For reference, Sucuri has Basic, Pro, Business, and Custom plans. The more expensive it is, the shorter the scan cycle.

Basic plan = scan every 12 hours for malware and hacks

Pro plan = scan every 6 hours for malware and hacks

Business plan = scan every 30 minutes for malware or hacking

Custom plan = scan every 30 minutes for malware and hacks

For reference, the custom plan starts from 6 million won/year, so only those of a certain size should check it out.

However, this security service can be a bit burdensome.

The cheapest Basic plan is $199.99/year.

It is very unclear to whom to recommend this.

Because I don’t know when my site will be attacked.

When under attack, Sucuri‘s firewall and malware scanning and removal services will help.

So, in conclusion, I think I can only tell you that there is a high probability of having it.

The smaller the site, the less likely it is to be attacked, so it is less likely to be helpful.

And since the bigger the site is, the more likely it is to be attacked, so I think we can only talk about the high probability of being helpful.

In fact, there are cases where the sites I run have not been attacked at all for a year, and there have been cases where the search rankings have dropped to the bottom after being attacked in less than 3 months.

Still, even if you only purchase hosting provided by WPX hosting and do not use services like Sucuri, you can have basic security features.

Malware scan, DDoS attack prevention, malware file removal, hacking attack, etc.

The security service of WPX hosting is not perfect, but it can be defended against attacks to some extent.

Even at WPX hosting, the malware team checks the site for why malware files occurred on the site and why they were hacked, and removes malware files.

If you are currently under attack or you are running a large site, you should consider a security service like Sucuri.

But, WPX hosting company provides all security services. Why should I use Sucuri? You may be in doubt.

I will leave this part separately.

As your site grows, Sucuri‘s security service becomes a must, not an option.

And those who are new to WordPress do not have to purchase Sucuri. If you absolutely have to buy it for security, buying a Sucuri firewall is a good choice.

I will leave this part separately.

Immediate recovery even if hacked!

wpx hosting hack immediate action!

It rarely happens, but even if your site gets hacked, it instantly restores your backup.

WPX hosting company provides backup for up to 30 days.

If the site goes down, you can ask to restore it to the day before.

And it even identifies and fixes what caused the hack.

They say they have a malware team inside the WPX hosting company.

Trustpilot’s evaluation!

Trustpilot is a place where you can listen to real users of the service.

Here, WPX Hosting providers average 4.7 stars.

WPX hosting trustpilot stars, ratings

In particular, there are a lot of praise for the speed of support from WPX hosting companies.

Probably the best in the world.


WPXhosting is a hosting for those who want to spend a little more money and not stress about hosting and want to focus entirely on running the site.

#1 Support doesn’t solve 100% problems!

Disadvantages of wpx hosting support

WPXhosting‘s support support is unmatched.

When you ask in live chat, you almost always get an answer within 10 seconds.

However, after several years of using it, it did not 100% solve the problem.

To be precise, it would be appropriate to say that 90-99% of problems are solved.

Probably, those who don’t need special features other than blog writing with WordPress will not encounter the same problem as me.

Of course, in my personal experience, there have been really times when the problem could not be solved right away. 3 times a year? No. 5?

But the reason this happened was because the expertise of the people who provided support was different.

So there is a very simple way to work around this method.

You can access the WPX hosting homepage again with a different IP address through VPN or Tor.

Then you can talk to other support staff through live chat.

Then, it was often easy for some support staff to find it difficult for other support staff to solve.

So, once you ask, ah, it’s no way. Don’t give up. If you connect with a different IP and ask another employee, there are many cases where it is surprisingly easy.

And surprisingly, when I accessed the WPX hosting homepage while changing the IP several times, all the support staff were different.

This means that several people are still waiting for live chat at once.

It was amazing that 24/7 support was provided by several WordPress experts instead of just one.

If you have any questions, ask anything. I will answer, find, solve, or take my place.

#2 Can’t automatic domain extension?!

wpx hosting domain auto-renewal

Domains purchased from WPXhosting are not automatically renewed when the period expires and must be extended manually.

Of course, there are messages saying that you need to extend your domain by email. I don’t get this mail very often.

Often times, you can’t see your email because of other work, or because you are buried in other emails.

In particular, domains are paid annually, so they are often completely forgotten and checked late.

So, in fact, some domains have been out of date for 4-5 days and the site was not accessed for 4-5 days.

So it is better to apply for a domain where it is automatically extended.

Representatively, Namecheap provides a good service in this regard.

From 60 days before the domain expires, we will send you an email telling you that the domain will expire.

And you can set it in advance to automatically extend the domain when it ends.

In conclusion, domains are not recommended to buy from WPXhosting providers.

If you don’t care, chances are your domain will expire without your knowledge.

Even if it’s not necessarily Namecheap, it’s more reliable and safer to find out about other domain providers that automatically extend your domain.

Of course, I recommend WPX hosting for hosting.

Conclusion: Do you recommend WPX hosting?

Yes, it is recommended!

wpx hosting recommended

I would like to recommend it to both those who are new to WordPress and those who already run large sites.

If you are new to WordPress, you can focus on running your site without worrying much.

This is because if you already have a large WordPress site, you can use fast hosting at a lower price.

And for even better security, we recommend Sucuri. (If you are starting out for the first time, you do not need to purchase it.)

For a better backup, I recommend Blogvault.

It is automatically backed up whenever plugins are updated or certain activities occur on the site.

And if you want to create a staging site at a faster speed, I recommend Blogvault. (It is not recommended for those who are financially burdened. It is a bit expensive.)

Bluehost is also a good choice if you are a bit burdened with money at first. But it can be a little difficult when using it for the first time. There are so many menus that it is difficult to know which one to start with.

Also, there are many negative reviews about Blue Host.

At first, when the site is small, the occasional crash of the site is not a big problem, so it is better to choose the cheapest plan of Bluehost.

If you run into problems and don’t want to use Bluehost‘s hosting, you can move to another hosting company.

These days, other hosting companies do it for you. The WPX hosting company also does the move for you.

And now, Bluehost hosting isn’t slow either. Of course, it may be a little different when the scale grows.

If Bluehost is a little difficult and the price of WPX hosting is a bit burdensome, you can choose SiteGround hosting.

It is also affordable and easy to use.